Cool Dog ID Tags

You don’t have to force yourself to get another boring disc or bone shaped tag for your dog you know…. Why not get a little bit of attitude on the go by getting one of our seriously cool dog tag bullets? Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of a gun dog……

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that ‘any dog in a public place must wear the name and address of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name plate or disc attached to it’. It’s also recommended that you put your phone number on too but not compulsory. Bear in mind you can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog does not have an identification tag.


This little guy is looking awesome with a .40 S&W tag that was done at a show for him as a special order. On the website you can choose between the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum – both of which have plenty of room for you to put whatever you want on there up to a maximum of four lines of text. So your dog ID example text might be something like:

Smith Family

50 Pancake Lane

York YO1 9RD

07990 111222

It’s common not to put the dog’s real name on these days as the rise in dog theft makes it easier to get a stolen animal to respond to commands and be sold on. You can choose whichever style of text you like best and we’ll ship it out usually within a day or two. They’re ideal for really making a statement or just for a bit of fun – you’ll get loads of comments down the park with one for sure……

Here’s another happy customer this time with a .44 Magnum:


Pretty cool or what? So if you want something just a little bit different for your dog, or you need a gift for a dog lover that they’ll really appreciate, get over to our main site here and start customising your perfect engraved pet ID tag.


The final Pass out parade at the Army Training Regiment Bassingbourn. Involved were Cambrai, Somme and Ypres platoons of Kitchener Company. Friday 17th August 2012.

Passing Out Parade Gifts

So they’ve left home, put in the graft and have now finished their basic training – now it’s time to celebrate that fact with the passing out parade ceremony, where you get to look on proudly whilst  they strut their stuff.

And because it is such an achievement, maybe you want to mark the occasion with a present for your loved one. Coming up with the right passing out parade gift ideas can be tricky, but we think we’ve got something ideal to be able to give to your newly qualified soldier.

On the Bullet With Your Name On website, you can create the perfect personalised military gift by choosing a bullet from our selection of calibres, and then specifying what you would like to get engraved on it.

You can have up to four lines of text, and even choose which font you would like your message to be written in – then just select whether it’s to be an ornament, keyring, or necklace and it will be delivered to your door within days.

We have all of the major NATO forces calibres available (civilian equivalent) so you can select something that they will be familiar with handling – for example, the British SA-80 assault rifle is chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge (.223 Remington) and these are very popular as gifts for soldiers. Similarly, the 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) is used in a variety of heavier weaponry such as the GPMG general purpose machine gun, and heavier rifles.

Need some inspiration as to what to put? Remember it’s not just names you can have on them – it’s whatever you want so let you imagination loose. You could put the date of the ceremony, a message of congratulations, their army number or whatever else you can think of…….


Here comes the blog

So, finally and after much procrastination, obfuscation and ultimately laziness, the Bullet With Your Name On blog has kind of begun.

On the main site you’ll find all the engraved bullets you want, and where you might expect to find them, but here on the blog we’ll be putting up the pics from wherever we’ve been and show you a few new things to get some feedback. So for example we’re working on some new coatings at the moment – ever seen zinc passivated cartridge cases? Or powder coated ones?

There will also be a few stories on what customers have done with their bullets, and how they’ve been received when given as gifts – we keep getting loads of good feedback especially from the military community as to how an engraved bullet with your name on makes the perfect gift for soldiers deploying or as passing out parade gifts.

We’ll also put up a bit more info about certain cartridges, guns and movies as and when the mood inspires some writing so keep checking back and thanks for reading!