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Divorce Gifts

Till Death Us Do Part…… Marriage – the profound, sacrosanct joining of two loving souls in holy matrimony – a bond that will last the rest of their lives…… Or maybe, you know someone who makes up the 42% or marriages in the UK that don’t make it. So how to recognize the event if […]

Engraved bullets as competition prizes

Bulletwithyournameon.com is the retail side of what we do, but the parent company behind it (Prograve) also does commissioned work for clients with specific needs. So this might be for promotional items, corporate gifts or sometimes as in this instance something completely different – such as competition prizes. Team Wild are outdoors enthusiasts and hunters […]

Cool Dog ID Tags

You don’t have to force yourself to get another boring disc or bone shaped tag for your dog you know…. Why not get a little bit of attitude on the go by getting one of our seriously cool dog tag bullets? Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of a gun dog…… The Control […]

Passing Out Parade Gifts

So they’ve left home, put in the graft and have now finished their basic training – now it’s time to celebrate that fact with the passing out parade ceremony, where you get to look on proudly whilst  they strut their stuff. And because it is such an achievement, maybe you want to mark the occasion […]

Here comes the blog

So, finally and after much procrastination, obfuscation and ultimately laziness, the Bullet With Your Name On blog has kind of begun. On the main site you’ll find all the engraved bullets you want, and where you might expect to find them, but here on the blog we’ll be putting up the pics from wherever we’ve […]