Engraved bullets as competition prizes is the retail side of what we do, but the parent company behind it (Prograve) also does commissioned work for clients with specific needs. So this might be for promotional items, corporate gifts or sometimes as in this instance something completely different – such as competition prizes.

Team Wild are outdoors enthusiasts and hunters – and their passion has ended up becoming a brand in its own right with a large online following with contributors spanning the globe. As part of the preparations for the Midland Game Fair 2013, we were approached by them to produce a set of branded keyrings to be used as shooting competition prizes, as well as another set to be used as gifts in the media packs given to press attendees. The brief was to have the Team Wild logo on one side of a brass .308 Winchester, and the web address on the other side.


This is in some ways an ideal logo to engrave, as it is distinct, without shades or colours since engraving likes to be a binary medium in that it’s either engraved, or it isn’t. There are ways round that though but they are for another post. The slight issue we faced with this one though is the proportions – when we engrave on the side of a cartridge, due to the curvature we actually only really have a relatively narrow rectangle to engrave across, which in the case of some calibres can be as little as 4mm high. So if we kept this logo unaltered, the height would be eaten up by the stag, and the text would appear small.

After importing the image, and messing around with it a little bit we were able to go back to the client with a couple of prototyped options, having shrunk the stag head down to a size that was still recognisable but looked good on the side of the cartridge case. The options for the client related to engraving effects – we could either do outline:


Or filled:


 In the end the client chose to go for outline – which suited us just fine as the filled takes 3 times as long to produce!

And once we’d finally sourced some more .308 to do the production run, we got on with it and here’s the result – pretty cool huh?


So if you think you’ve got the ideal audience for some engraved bullets like this to be used as corporate items then drop us a line and see what we can do for you!