Here comes the blog

So, finally and after much procrastination, obfuscation and ultimately laziness, the Bullet With Your Name On blog has kind of begun.

On the main site you’ll find all the engraved bullets you want, and where you might expect to find them, but here on the blog we’ll be putting up the pics from wherever we’ve been and show you a few new things to get some feedback. So for example we’re working on some new coatings at the moment – ever seen zinc passivated cartridge cases? Or powder coated ones?

There will also be a few stories on what customers have done with their bullets, and how they’ve been received when given as gifts – we keep getting loads of good feedback especially from the military community as to how an engraved bullet with your name on makes the perfect gift for soldiers deploying or as passing out parade gifts.

We’ll also put up a bit more info about certain cartridges, guns and movies as and when the mood inspires some writing so keep checking back and thanks for reading!

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