The final Pass out parade at the Army Training Regiment Bassingbourn. Involved were Cambrai, Somme and Ypres platoons of Kitchener Company. Friday 17th August 2012.

Passing Out Parade Gifts

So they’ve left home, put in the graft and have now finished their basic training – now it’s time to celebrate that fact with the passing out parade ceremony, where you get to look on proudly whilst  they strut their stuff.

And because it is such an achievement, maybe you want to mark the occasion with a present for your loved one. Coming up with the right passing out parade gift ideas can be tricky, but we think we’ve got something ideal to be able to give to your newly qualified soldier.

On the Bullet With Your Name On website, you can create the perfect personalised military gift by choosing a bullet from our selection of calibres, and then specifying what you would like to get engraved on it.

You can have up to four lines of text, and even choose which font you would like your message to be written in – then just select whether it’s to be an ornament, keyring, or necklace and it will be delivered to your door within days.

We have all of the major NATO forces calibres available (civilian equivalent) so you can select something that they will be familiar with handling – for example, the British SA-80 assault rifle is chambered for the 5.56x45mm cartridge (.223 Remington) and these are very popular as gifts for soldiers. Similarly, the 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) is used in a variety of heavier weaponry such as the GPMG general purpose machine gun, and heavier rifles.

Need some inspiration as to what to put? Remember it’s not just names you can have on them – it’s whatever you want so let you imagination loose. You could put the date of the ceremony, a message of congratulations, their army number or whatever else you can think of…….